If you are considering selling your home, creating curb appeal by freshening up your landscaping is a must (and does not have to be super expensive).  For very little; you can create a very aesthetically pleasing canvas and show off your landscaping expertise to your neighbors, friends, in laws, or potential buyers while basking in all of your glory. 

Here are a few tips.

1.  Trim up over grown bushes:  We all have that one area in our yard that looks like a scene from The Jungle Book.  Unidentifiable bushes and vegetation growing in harmony and it cannot be determined where one starts and another stops.  I know that the mass is scary, but it is time to do something about it.  Take the time to shape up overgrown areas and create their own spaces.  If the bush is just too big for the area, dig it up and plant something more appropriate for the space.  Having well-groomed bushes, trees, and outdoor spaces is a real eye catcher for potential home buyers.

2.  Edging Your Sidewalks and Entrances:  Having clear walkways and sidewalks that are shaped up are very important.  I show many homes where a bush reaches out and grabs you going into the door or grass has overgrown the sidewalk.  This is a major turn off to a potential buyer and makes them think....hmmm I wonder what else the homeowner is not taking care of. 

3.  Spruce Up Outdoor Containers:  Outdoor planters/containers can add a really pop of color to your landscaping.  Vibrant colors and healthy plants are a very welcoming site for potential buyers and pleasing to the eye.